Learn Icelandic Vol. 3

Learn Icelandic Vol. 3

Hello, again language lovers!

It is definitely time for an update. I spent two months in Iceland and it is time to share a little more of what I learned. My skill level is still pretty low, picked up a few words and usually guessed the topic of the conversation from the from the context. 

Written by Laura Hundersmarck

So far, I can count to ten. I watched a two year old do it and realized it was time to learn my numbers. Although they are not something people usually care about, I’ve already surprised myself with how many times I can pick them out in a sentence. At the counter of a coffee shop, I hear: “tvier kaffi, takk!” and I realize I have successfully translated an entire sentence. Go, me.  

Numbers: one → ten

I decided to avoid the phonetic alphabet and go with my own interpretation so bear with me. The accents mean you should put a stress on that syllable



 Phonetic Prounciation









 Threer (roll those “r’s!”)






















Now, on to those pesky pronouns so you can pick out who is talking about who ;) 


Icelandic / Phonetic


Icelandic / Phonetic


Ég  / yeair

 I (first person      singular)

Við  / Vithe

We (first person pl.)

Þú   / thu

You (2nd person singular)




Hún  / hoon

Hann  / han

She (3rd person singular fem.)

He (3rd person singular masc.)


Þeir / thayr

Þær / th-eyer

Þau  / thur

Það / thathe

Third person pl. (mas)

Third person pl. (fem)

Third person pl.

Third person inanimate

If you’re still having trouble with pronunciation, remember to take a look at the Wiki Phrase Book. It will help you with all the major vowel sounds and a few diphthongs (two vowels together).

Also to leave you with some inspiration, here is a link to the ethereal sounds of Samaris (a local band from Reykjavik). The song repeats the first verse of an old Viking poem called 'Good Moon' by Steingrímur Thorsteinsson. The vocalist will have you melting under the beauty of ancient Icelandic words! Soon enough, you will be uttering the Icelandic with the same poise and elegance.

“Góða Tungl”

Icelandic Verse

Inga’s Direct Translation

Poetic Translation 

Góða tungl um loft þú  líður ljúft við skýja silfur  skaut

 Eins og viljinn alvalds  býður eftir þinni vissu  braut

 Öllum þreyttum, ljós þitt  ljáðu læðstu um glugga  sérhvern inn

 Lát í húmi, hjörtun þjáðu



 Good moon around the air you  pass soft with the cloud's silver  horizon

 Like the will of the almighty  power offer after your certain  path

 Everything is tired, your light  ignites sneak into the each  window

 See the shadow, the miserable  hearts

 Kind moon, you glide across the  sky, Sweetly at the silver lining

 As the will of the almighty power  offers, According to your steady  path

 Lend all the tired ones your light  Tiptoe in every window

 But leave the suffering hearts in  darkness

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We want to know what your experience has been with Icelandic, so far. Why did you choose Icelandic? How difficult is it compared to your native language? What is the hardest part of learning Icelandic? 

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