Laura Hundersmarck - L. marck Photography

Published on: 2013/06/12
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Laura Hundersmarck - L. marck Photography

Laura Hundersmarck is a photographer from Gainesville, Florida. She is a graduate from the University of Florida where she received her Bachelor of Arts in anthropology.  She was instilled with a love for traveling at an early age and has been exploring all her life. She has participated in several cultural exchanges, as well as exercised every means to travel during breaks from school. Photography has always been an essential part of her travels.

She is continually fascinated by culture & language and hopes to pursue a Master's abroad in linguistics at some point. In 2012, she spent two months in northern Iceland and met Inga from Tiny Iceland during a trip to Reykjavik. After a year of friendship (and mutual love for Iceland), she has returned to work as a summer intern and photographer for Tiny Iceland. 

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Here are some pictures from L. marck's portfolio: 

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