Learn Icelandic VOL I

Published on: 2012/08/27
Learn Icelandic VOL I

Icelandic also referred to as Icelandish, is a North Germanic language, the main language of Iceland. The oldest preserved texts in Icelandic were written around 1100 AD. Much of the texts are based on poetry and laws traditionally preserved orally. The most famous of the texts, which were written in Iceland from the 12th century onward, are the Icelandic Sagas. Ready to learn some basic Icelandic words :) 

So do you want to learn some basic Icelandic words that can help you when traveling to Iceland?

Here below are some basic Icelandic words 

English – Icelandic 

Yes – Já

No - Nei

Hello – Halló

Hi – Hæ (pronunciation the same as „hi“)

Bye – Bæ (pronunciation the same as „bye“) or say Bless

Good morning – Góðan Daginn

Thanks - Takk

Thank you very much - Þakka þér fyrir

Cheers - SKÁL

You're welcome - Gerðu svo vel

How are you – Hvernig hefur þú það / Hvað segir þú 

This should get you started with learning Icelandic with Tiny Iceland. 

If you have any thoughts or want to know other Icelandic words (pronunciation) leave a comment below :)

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