Nicole Hay-Chapman - Of Sea and Stardust

Published on: 2013/03/07
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Nicole Hay-Chapman - Of Sea and Stardust

Nicole Hay-Chapman is a former dental hygienist beginning a new career in graphic arts. She grew up in the Nevada desert riding horses, jumping on the trampoline, and hanging out with her two furry best friends, dogs Dottie and Cocoa. Currently, Nicole resides in Los Angeles, California with her husband and their six furry rescue kids: four dogs and two cats. She is wild about this beautiful planet that we all call home, animal rescue and her favorite place on Earth, Iceland.

Nicole and her husband Dylan publish the blog Of Sea and Stardust which is a fairly new blog but it looks very promising. They cover interesting subjects and have a great perspective on life!

New posts from their website: ENOUGH & The Tank is Half Full

We are all the same: you, me, the moon and the trees.

Nurture nature! Love your neighbor! ~ Nicole Hay-Chapman

Stay tuned for more guest post from Nicole & Dylan's love affair with Iceland later this year. 

You can find everything about Nicole & Of Sea and Stardust here:

Website | Twitter | Instagram: @Mrs_Nmhc

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