Naomi Doyle aka Patches McGee

Published on: 2014/04/25
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Naomi Doyle aka Patches McGee

Naomi Doyle, also known as Patches McGee, is a Sydney-based writer and photographer who has travelled to over 50 countries - Iceland is her favourite of them all.  After impulsively booking a ticket to Iceland Airwaves, Naomi started planning her 7th trip, including driving around the entire country for the first time on the opposite side of the road than she's used to, and in the snow. Wish her luck as we join her on her journey. You can read all about here other travels here here 

"My journey with instagram has been an interesting one. I never considered myself much of a photographer and only really picked up a camera for the first time last year for my solo mission around the world, even then it was just a little point and shoot. I only discovered instagram when I returned to Sydney and believe it or not, it helped me through some tough times by keeping me focused on the present and enabling me to see beauty all around". Have a look at her IG gallery here

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