Lebowski Bar - The Reykjavik venue that rocks!

Lebowski Bar - The Reykjavik venue that rocks!

The 1998 film The Big Lebowski by the Coen brothers is not only a film, it has now become a lifestyle. With the emergence of the Lebowski Bar in Reykjavik, everyone can now be a part of The Dude‘s peculiar world. 

Lebowski Bar goes all in, in every way, having divided the interior into four separate themes—bowling alley, a southern-style porch, a ‘50s diner, and a kind of ‘60s playboy lounge bar on the upper floor. 

Opened in April 2012 Lebowski Bar has already created a real buzz is this latest brainchild of the entrepreneurs who have previously brought the city such gems as café Oliver, the legendary Vegamót and Den Danske Kro. Film buffs can probably guess at the inspiration behind this great venue and, judging by the track record of its owners, most people can guess what a great time they are gonna have here! 

Whether or not you’re familiar with ‘The Big Lebowski’ – the infamous 1998 film by the Coen brothers – you can’t suppress a smile when you walk back in time to this retro American bar. Inside you’ll find the equivalent of a good ole’ fashioned porch to hang out on, where you can put your feet up with a bourbon and imagine the heat of a balmy evening in the USA.

Let the good times roll

There’s a real diner style environment with a cosy booth seating and a fabulous jukebox that plays over 1,600 good-time tracks. The menus are the biggest in Iceland. And before you groan, this isn’t just another of those charmingly ambitious Icelandic claims, it actually refers to the physical dimensions ( important to note in a country where size often does matter)! They feature four all-time favourite burgers: cheese, bacon, a béarnaise sauce option and succulent beef tenderloin.

Four big screens are on the walls, so it’s also a great place to hang out when there are big events and sporting highlights to be seen. And there’s also an outside area decorated in a zappy Miami-sunshine yellow that will cheer even the dullest of days.

"Careful man, there's a beverage here!" 

Jeffery ‘the Dude’ Lebowski, the protagonist of the Coen brother’s comedy, is renowned for his penchant for ‘White Russians’ – vodka based cocktails featuring coffee liqueurs and cream or milk. The Lebowski Bar has taken this now-iconic drink to a new level, offering an astounding 16 varieties of White Russian, along with an extensive bar list, which also includes 6 kinds of milkshake.

The real icing on the Lebowski cake, however, is the bar’s genuine bowling alley – it’s a classic. On the weekends Djs and bands are added to the music mix and there’s plenty room to dance. Check it out people, you’re guaranteed a great time

The Lebowski Bar is Tiny Iceland‘s favorite place to hang out at. We love grabbing a good beer, a burger & topping it with a delicious milkshake. Lebowski Bar plays oldies music which makes the vibe like none other in Reykjavik. Everybody can sing along with some good oldies tunes and during the day you can pick a song from the Jukebox. If you are visiting Iceland and happen to be in Reykjavík then Lebowski Bar is a cool place to chill at. They also have happy hour from 4-7pm and who doesn’t love that!

The weekly Movie-Quiz always on Thursdays from 9-11pm. 

Bottom line Lebowski bar is a great mainstream bar where you can meet fellow travelers and have a drink with locals. Practice the word SKÁL (Cheers)

For more information about Lebowski Bar here: 

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Location: Laugavegur 20a (map) 101 Reykjavík. 

Free WiFi: Lebowski Bar & Password: Lebowski

Opening hours:

11:30 – 01:00 Sun-Thurs
11:30 – 04:00 Fri-Sat

Tel: +354.552.2300 | info@lebowskibar.is | www.lebowski.is | Menu | Shakes | Drinks |

© All photos taken by Laura via Tiny Iceland


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