A genuine Icelandic Farm experience

Published on: 2016/05/16
A genuine Icelandic Farm experience

In Skagafjörður (North West Iceland), three farmers recently created a program called The Icelandic Farm Animals, which invites visitors to immerse themselves in daily life on a farm. Evelyn Ýr, Eydís and Sigrún are living next to each other and all working with different animals (horse, sheep, goat), therefore they decided to take advantage of their complementarity. “It has been great working together, we share knowledge, thoughts, compare our visions of things, and at the end great ideas emerge out.” explains Sigrún.

Eydís’ farm is a 300-sheep fully functioning farm that offers bed a breakfast in the warm and welcoming Old Farm House. Just a few steps from the house are some of the most beautiful hiking paths in Skagafjörður, it does not take long before you have a scenic view over the valley.

Sigrún runs a farm of Icelandic goats, along with horses, ducks, hens, and sheep. She is always bursting with ideas and her art gallery Rúnalist is the perfect reflection of that, being home to handcrafts and souvenirs, made of all kinds of natural materials. You would be surprised!

Evelyn Ýr offers horseback riding tours in unique surroundings at Lýtingsstaðir, as well as some cosy accommodation in wooden cottages to relax afterwards. She opened last year the Old Turf Stable, which was built according to the old traditions, and that takes you on a journey through Icelandic horse history.

The main idea behind the project is to diversify the range of activities available to visitors in the area, by providing something more authentic. At The Icelandic Farm Animals, guests can visit the three farms, get to know horses, sheep and goats, and take part in farm activities of their choice. They can also enjoy some farm products, and join a treasure hunt to explore better the area while having a great time in the Icelandic countryside!

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